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Total 464 active organizations on January 15, 2019.

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Organization Classification
AbstractionSpecial Interest
Adavance Space ExplorationSpecial Interest
AIESECSpecial Interest
All Comedy SJSUSpecial Interest
ALPFASpecial Interest
Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma BetaSpecial Interest
Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) SJSU ChapterSpecial Interest
Automated Transit Network Development ClubSpecial Interest
Baroque Performance ClubSpecial Interest
Be The MatchSpecial Interest
Best BuddiesSpecial Interest
Black Women's CollectiveSpecial Interest
BLUE MagazineSpecial Interest
BMEiDeaSpecial Interest
Braven at SJSU ClubSpecial Interest
Campus Girl Scouts Special Interest
Campus Village 2 (CV2) Hall GovernmentSpecial Interest
Campus Village Apartments Hall GovernmentSpecial Interest
Campus Village Building C Hall Government (CVC)Special Interest
Center Stage ProductionsSpecial Interest
Chi Pi SigmaSpecial Interest
Circle K International (CKI) at San Jose State UniversitySpecial Interest
Classics Hall GovernmentSpecial Interest
Coaching Corps at SJSUSpecial Interest
Comparative Politics and Global Awareness ClubSpecial Interest
COOP SJSUSpecial Interest
Cornhole ClubSpecial Interest
COUGH at SJSUSpecial Interest
DBF HardwareSpecial Interest
Diving ClubSpecial Interest
Economics ClubSpecial Interest
Engineers Without BordersSpecial Interest
Film Production Society Special Interest
Forensic Science Students Special Interest
Fresh Pressed Print Makers’ GuildSpecial Interest
Game Development ClubSpecial Interest
Glass Artist GuildSpecial Interest
Global Medical BrigadesSpecial Interest
Gospel ChoirSpecial Interest
Her Campus @ SJSUSpecial Interest
Hip-Hop Dance ClubSpecial Interest
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professions Student Chapter at San Jose State University (HFTP)Special Interest
I.D.E.A.S at San Jose State UniversitySpecial Interest
Improv ClubSpecial Interest
Interior Design Student OrganizationSpecial Interest
Jewelry + Small Metals GuildSpecial Interest
Justice Studies Graduate Student AssociationSpecial Interest
Kendo and Naginata ClubSpecial Interest
Korean Entertainment Student AssociationSpecial Interest
Locomotion LongboardingSpecial Interest
Maker ClubSpecial Interest
Mars Terrain VehiclesSpecial Interest
MarvinSpecial Interest
MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan)Special Interest
Medical Students Association at San Jose State UniversitySpecial Interest
Miniature Club Special Interest
Mobile Innovation ClubSpecial Interest
Model United Nations Special Interest
MUA SJSUSpecial Interest
Natural Hair ClubSpecial Interest
Original Wizarding League of SpartansSpecial Interest
Peer Health Education Program, Student EducatorsSpecial Interest
PERIODSpecial Interest
Photography GuildSpecial Interest
Pitch, Please!Special Interest
Poets & Writers Coalition - SJSUSpecial Interest
Pokemon ClubSpecial Interest
Police Cadet ProgramSpecial Interest
Pool ClubSpecial Interest
Project SHINESpecial Interest
Project Unity Tree To ActionSpecial Interest
Real OptionsSpecial Interest
ReplaySpecial Interest
Residence Hall Association (RHA)Special Interest
Resource Conservation (RESCON) Special Interest
Rocket ClubSpecial Interest
Sa-By Students AllianceSpecial Interest
San Jose CinephilesSpecial Interest
San Jose Dragon BoatSpecial Interest
Science ExtravaganzaSpecial Interest
Sculptors' Guild at San Jose State UniversitySpecial Interest
She's the FirstSpecial Interest
Shotokan Karate ClubSpecial Interest
Shrunkenheadman Club: Illustration/ AnimationSpecial Interest
Society of Global Citizens at San José State UniversitySpecial Interest
South Bay Assembly of NursingSpecial Interest
Spartan Aircraft DesignSpecial Interest
Spartan Bicycle CoalitionSpecial Interest
Spartan BodybuildingSpecial Interest
Spartan Lego ClubSpecial Interest
Spartan RacingSpecial Interest
Spartan SaborSpecial Interest
Spartan Star LeagueSpecial Interest
Spartan StellasSpecial Interest
Spartan Swing Dance ClubSpecial Interest
Spartan Table Tennis ClubSpecial Interest
Spartan Wushu ClubSpecial Interest
Spartans for Israel at San Jose State UniversitySpecial Interest
Spartans for Life at SJSUSpecial Interest
Speak OutSpecial Interest
Sports Management Student AssociationSpecial Interest
STEM ClubSpecial Interest
STEM NOWSpecial Interest
Student Advocates for Higher EducationSpecial Interest
Student Alumni ConnectionSpecial Interest
Students Against Sexual Harassment - SASHSpecial Interest
Students for Education ReformSpecial Interest
Students for Firearms SafetySpecial Interest
Students for Justice in PalestineSpecial Interest
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS at SJSU)Special Interest
Super Smash Bros at SJSUSpecial Interest
Swipe Out HungerSpecial Interest
Tabletop Gaming ClubSpecial Interest
TAHELKASpecial Interest
Tea SocietySpecial Interest
The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning SocietySpecial Interest
The Cultural Showcase Leadership CoreSpecial Interest
The Rotaract ClubSpecial Interest
The SpartonesSpecial Interest
TRANSITion SJSUSpecial Interest
Transportation Development (TransDev)Special Interest
Tsunami Anime ClubSpecial Interest
Tzu Chi at San Jose State UniversitySpecial Interest
UNICEF SJSUSpecial Interest
UPD Cadet ProgramSpecial Interest
User Experience AssociationSpecial Interest
V-Day@SJSUSpecial Interest
Vamos a Oaxaca-Intercambio 2018 Special Interest
Veg ClubSpecial Interest
Veterans Student OrganizationSpecial Interest
Visionaries ClubSpecial Interest
Women in Aviation at SJSUSpecial Interest
Women in DesignSpecial Interest
YES PLUS ClubSpecial Interest
Yoga ClubSpecial Interest
Young Americans for Liberty Special Interest
Young Democratic Socialists of AmericaSpecial Interest
Alpha Epsilon Pi Jewish FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Fraternity/Sorority
Alpha Kappa Delta PhiFraternity/Sorority
Alpha Kappa OmegaFraternity/Sorority
Alpha Kappa Omicron Sorority Fraternity/Sorority
Alpha Omicron Pi Women's FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Alpha PhiFraternity/Sorority
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
Alpha Sigma Phi FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Alpha Tau OmegaFraternity/Sorority
Alpha Xi DeltaFraternity/Sorority
Beta Theta PiFraternity/Sorority
Delta GammaFraternity/Sorority
Delta Sigma Phi FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Delta Upsilon FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Delta Zeta SororityFraternity/Sorority
Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
Interfraternity Council (IFC)Fraternity/Sorority
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, IncorporatedFraternity/Sorority
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
Kappa Delta SororityFraternity/Sorority
Lambda Sigma Gamma SororityFraternity/Sorority
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
Lambda Theta Nu SororityFraternity/Sorority
Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC)Fraternity/Sorority
Nu Alpha KappaFraternity/Sorority
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity IncorporatedFraternity/Sorority
Order of OmegaFraternity/Sorority
Panhellenic CouncilFraternity/Sorority
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
Pi Alpha PhiFraternity/Sorority
Pi Kappa Alpha FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Pi Kappa Phi FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Alpha EpsilonFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Alpha ZetaFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Chi FraternityFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Delta AlphaFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.Fraternity/Sorority
Sigma NuFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Omega PhiFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Omicron PiFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Pi Alpha SororityFraternity/Sorority
Sigma Theta PsiFraternity/Sorority
Theta Chi FraternityFraternity/Sorority
United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC)Fraternity/Sorority
Zeta Chi EpsilonFraternity/Sorority
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, IncFraternity/Sorority
A.L.M.A.S. Cultural and Religious
AACSAStudentAmbassadors-SJSUChapterCultural and Religious
Acts 2 Christian Fellowship @ SJSUCultural and Religious
African American Commencement CommitteeCultural and Religious
Akbayan Pilipino American OrganizationCultural and Religious
Alabaster House of Prayer Cultural and Religious
Armenian Student AssociationCultural and Religious
Ashurian ClubCultural and Religious
Asian American Christian FellowshipCultural and Religious
Black Campus MinistriesCultural and Religious
Black Student Union (BSU)Cultural and Religious
Bridges International at San Jose State UniversityCultural and Religious
Califia Performance CollectiveCultural and Religious
Canterbury BridgeCultural and Religious
Chinese Campus Fellowship.Cultural and Religious
Chinese Student FellowshipCultural and Religious
Chinese Students AssociationCultural and Religious
Christians on CampusCultural and Religious
CruCultural and Religious
DestinoCultural and Religious
Dirty BrushesCultural and Religious
DOMA: Disciples Of the Modern AgeCultural and Religious
DREAMCultural and Religious
El PaisCultural and Religious
Epic MovementCultural and Religious
Four CornersCultural and Religious
Gente UnidaCultural and Religious
Global Student NetworkCultural and Religious
Grupo Folklorico Luna y Sol de San Jose State Univ.Cultural and Religious
Habesha Students AssociationCultural and Religious
Hindu YuvaCultural and Religious
Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)Cultural and Religious
HSA SJSU (Hmong Student Association SJSU)Cultural and Religious
Indian Students OrganizationCultural and Religious
International Culture and Communication AssociationCultural and Religious
International Youth Fellowship (IYF)Cultural and Religious
Intervarsity Christian FellowshipCultural and Religious
Japanese Student SocietyCultural and Religious
Jewish Spartans ClubCultural and Religious
Jewish Student UnionCultural and Religious
Korea Campus Crusade for ChristCultural and Religious
Korean Students AssociationCultural and Religious
Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)Cultural and Religious
Lebanese Social Club at SJSU (LSC)Cultural and Religious
Martial Arts Community ClubCultural and Religious
Musical Meditation (Bhakti Yoga) ClubCultural and Religious
Muslim Students AssociationCultural and Religious
Native American Student Organization (NASO)Cultural and Religious
Newman Catholic Student Association at SJSUCultural and Religious
Nigerian Students Association Cultural and Religious
Pakistani Student AssociationCultural and Religious
Persian Student Association Cultural and Religious
Pilipino CommencementCultural and Religious
Pride of the Pacific IslandsCultural and Religious
Pulse College MinistryCultural and Religious
Q-TIP (Queers Thoughtfully Interrupting Prejudice)Cultural and Religious
Queer & Asian at San Jose State University (Q&A SJSU)Cultural and Religious
Reformed University Fellowship Cultural and Religious
SAHAARA Cultural and Religious
Saltworks College MinistriesCultural and Religious
Saudi Students Association Cultural and Religious
Second JourneyCultural and Religious
Sikh Students AssociationCultural and Religious
Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers, San José State University Chapter Cultural and Religious
Soka LionsCultural and Religious
Taiwanese Student AssociationCultural and Religious
Vietnamese Student Association, SJSUCultural and Religious
Archery ClubClub Sports
Badminton ClubClub Sports
Ballroom Spartans DanceSport Team at San Jose State UniversityClub Sports
Bowling Teams, San Jose State UniversityClub Sports
Boxing Club, San Jose StateClub Sports
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuClub Sports
Climbing Club Club Sports
Club Tennis Team Club Sports
Competitive Dance ClubClub Sports
Gymnastics Club @ SJSUClub Sports
Ice Hockey at San Jose State UniversityClub Sports
Men's Club BasketballClub Sports
Men's Club SoccerClub Sports
Men's Club VolleyballClub Sports
Men's Lacrosse ClubClub Sports
Men's Ultimate ClubClub Sports
Men's Water Polo ClubClub Sports
Powerlifting at SJSUClub Sports
Rugby Football Club - MenClub Sports
Salsa Club at San Jose State UniversityClub Sports
Softball at San Jose StateClub Sports
Spartan Baseball Club Sports
Spartan Cross Country and Track ClubClub Sports
Spartan Cycling ClubClub Sports
Spartan Fencing ClubClub Sports
Spartan QuidditchClub Sports
Spartan Roller HockeyClub Sports
Spartan Self-Defence ClubClub Sports
Spartan Triathlon ClubClub Sports
Swimming ClubClub Sports
Women's Club Volleyball at SJSUClub Sports
Women's Lacrosse ClubClub Sports
Women's Soccer Club at San Jose State UniversityClub Sports
Womens Rugby Club Sports
Womens Water Polo Club Sports
Wrestling Club at SJSUClub Sports
Academic Scholars AssociationAcademic
Active MindsAcademic
Advancement Institute for Management Academic
Air Corps Leadership ClubAcademic
Alpha Eta Rho, Eta ChapterAcademic
Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business FraternityAcademic
Alpha Phi SigmaAcademic
Alpha Tau DeltaAcademic
Amateur Radio ClubAcademic
American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)Academic
American Choral Directors AssociationAcademic
American Concrete InstituteAcademic
American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsAcademic
American Institute of Chemical EngineersAcademic
American Library Association Student ChapterAcademic
American Society of Civil EngineersAcademic
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (A.S.H.R.A.E.)Academic
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Academic
Anthropology Club Academic
Arnold Air SocietyAcademic
Art History AssociationAcademic
Assembly of Nurse ScholarsAcademic
Associated General ContractorsAcademic
Associated Students of Moss Landing Marine LabsAcademic
Autonomous Vehicle ClubAcademic
Banking and Investment AssociationAcademic
Beta Alpha PsiAcademic
Beta Beta Beta (National Biological Honor Society), Epsilon Alpha ChapterAcademic
Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Omega EpsilonAcademic
Biology Student Association (BSA)Academic
Biomedical Engineering Society at SJSUAcademic
Black Alliance of Scientists and EngineersAcademic
Black Honor SocietyAcademic
Black Masque Honor SocietyAcademic
Bridge Engineering Student TransitionAcademic
Cadre Student OrganizationAcademic
California Nursing Students' AssociationAcademic
Ceramic Art GuildAcademic
Chi EpsilonAcademic
Child and Adolescent DevelopmentAcademic
Choirs at SJSUAcademic
Círculo HispánicoAcademic
COMM NetworkAcademic
Computer Electronics and Networking Technology Club (CENT)Academic
Computer Graphics ClubAcademic
Computer Science ClubAcademic
Concrete Canoe Team at San Jose State UniversityAcademic
Counselor Ed Graduate Organization (CEGO)Academic
CubeSat Mission Extension Docked Active Control Academic
Delta Sigma PiAcademic
Design Studies Club (DSC) Academic
El Espartano Noticias | Periodistas Latinos en SJSUAcademic
Environmental Resource CenterAcademic
Eta Kappa NuAcademic
Financial Management AssociationAcademic
Geography Club Academic
Geology ClubAcademic
Global Awakening Academic
Global Operations Management Association Academic
Global Public Health BrigadeAcademic
Graduate Business Students Association (GBSA)Academic
Health Leadership Organization Academic
Health Science 104 Service Learning Club Academic
Health Science Honor SocietyAcademic
Health Science Peer Advising Academic
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Student ChapterAcademic
Industrial Designers Society of AmericaAcademic
Information Systems Audit and Control Association at SJSUAcademic
Infosec ClubAcademic
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Branch at San Jose State UniversityAcademic
Institute of Industrial and Systems EngineersAcademic
Institute of Management AccountantsAcademic
Institute of Transportation EngineersAcademic
International Business Association Academic
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Student Chapter at San Jose State UniversityAcademic
JSA Career at SJSUAcademic
Juggle at SJSUAcademic
Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band FraternityAcademic
Kinesiology AmbassadorsAcademic
Latino Business Student AssociationAcademic
Linguistics and Language Development Students AssociationAcademic
Marketing AssociationAcademic
Master of Public Health Student Association (MPHSA)Academic
Materials AdvantageAcademic
MIS Association - Management Information SystemsAcademic
MPA Student AssociationAcademic
Mu Phi Epsilon Professional Music FraternityAcademic
NAFME Collegiate at SJSUAcademic
National Association for Music Education: Collegiate Chapter at San Jose State UniversityAcademic
National Association of Black Journalists at SJSUAcademic
National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)Academic
National Student Speech Language-Hearing AssociationAcademic
NEO DesignAcademic
Network for Environment and Energy Development (NEED)Academic
New Heights Academic
Nursing Class of Fall 2018Academic
Nursing Class of Spring 2018Academic
Nutrition and Food Science ClubAcademic
Optometry ClubAcademic
oSTEM @ SJSU (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)Academic
Phi Alpha Theta, Beta Lambda ChapterAcademic
Philosophy ClubAcademic
Physics and Astronomy ClubAcademic
Pi Sigma AlphaAcademic
Pi Tau SigmaAcademic
Pi Theta EpsilonAcademic
Pre Law Student Society @ SJSUAcademic
Pre-Nursing ClubAcademic
Pre-Occupational Therapy ClubAcademic
Pre-Optometric Association Academic
Pre-Pharmacy ClubAcademic
Pre-Physical Therapy ClubAcademic
Pre-Physician Assistant Society Academic
Pre-Veterinary ClubAcademic
Precision Drill UnitAcademic
Precision Flight TeamAcademic
Psi ChiAcademic
Public Health Nursing ClubAcademic
Public Health Peer AdvisingAcademic
Public Relations Student Society of AmericaAcademic
Recreation Therapy AssociationAcademic
Robotics Club at SJSUAcademic
SAE InternationalAcademic
Salesforce Student Group at SJSU Academic
Securities Trading Association Academic
SJ HacksAcademic
Social Science Teacher Preparation Student AssociationAcademic
Social Work Graduate Student AssociationAcademic
Society for Computer EngineeringAcademic
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)Academic
Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists (SOLES)Academic
Society of Plastics EngineersAcademic
Society of Women EngineersAcademic
Socrates’ DisciplesAcademic
Software and Computer Engineering SocietyAcademic
Spartan Advertising ClubAcademic
Spartan AetherAcademic
Spartan AnalyticsAcademic
Spartan Athletic Training OrganizationAcademic
Spartan DroneAcademic
Spartan Hyperloop at SJSUAcademic
Spartan MD-SJSU AMSAAcademic
Spartan Mechanical EngineeringAcademic
Spartan Organization for Astronautical Research (SOAR)Academic
Spartan Racing ElectricAcademic
Spartan Superway - SMSSV - SUPERWAYAcademic
Spartan Tube PlaneAcademic
Spartans Toastmasters -SJSUAcademic
SPHERES Engineering CubeSat TestbedAcademic
Steel Bridge TeamAcademic
Stream Chaser Aircraft Research and BuildAcademic
Student Associates of the American Chemical SocietyAcademic
Student Occupational Therapy AssociationAcademic
Student Packaging Association Academic
Success at San Jose StateAcademic
Tau Beta PiAcademic
The Future of Mars NowAcademic
The Society of Contextual Behavioral Science Academic
The Valley Foundation School of Nursing Class of Fall 2017Academic
The Valley Foundation School of Nursing Class of Fall 2018Academic
The Valley Foundation School of Nursing Class of Fall 2019Academic
The Valley Foundation School of Nursing Class of Spring 2019Academic
The Valley Foundation School of Nursing Class of Spring 2020Academic
TRS Global & Domestic ExperiencesAcademic
Undergraduate Social Work Association Academic
Urban Planning CoalitionAcademic
Women in Business @ SJSUAcademic
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Student AssociationAcademic
Xicana/o Graduate Council (XGC)Academic